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The Perks of Building a PC with PC Mart

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$100 Build FEE

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No Consultation

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*FREE Consultation

Exclusive Accessory Discounts

*$9.99 refundable deductible applies for consultations. Terms here


Yes, you read that correctly. No need to pay anything when hiring someone else to build a PC anymore. Simply buy all the require components for the system for operation, and we will assemble the PC and ship it out to you all for FREE!

Free Consultation And Recommendations

Not Sure what Computer Hardware you need? Not sure how much to spend on a gaming PC that will be worth while for your needs? Book a Consultation for $199.99 FREE and the experts will give a recommendation.

Exclusive Discounts

PC Mart Customers that are building a PC from us get exclusive discounts on Accessories and Monitors in the Workshop. We sell these at a loss to customers.

Highest Quality Components

When you get a PC built from us, you have access to the latest and highest quality Computer Hardware. Some of the hardware even meets military standards.